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Don't let 'em in

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

By now everyone in the building and non-resident landlords should have received a letter either at their door or through email from the VP Board of Directors discussing recent break-ins, and the importance of EVERYONE being vigilant about trespassers "piggybacking" into our building. We are all paying for our camera recording systems, fob readers and 24 hour security, but they are defenseless against people who continue to carelessly let strangers into our building. We have had the $500 fine for this in place for quite awhile, yet criminals and trespassers are still following people in, unchallenged. This also applies to the parkade, where we continue to have automobile break-ins. Stop and let the door close behind you. If someone follows you in, take the time to ask to see their fob. If they live here or are legitimate visitors, they will appreciate your efforts to protect our building.

All trespassing incidents, no matter how minor, will be investigated using security footage and fob records. Fines starting at $500 will be sent to the responsible unit's OWNER, and there will be no appeal.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


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