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Parkade Membrane Resurfacing

Phase 2 of our parkade resurfacing is now under way, and will necessitate one-way traffic while the ramps and other sections are being worked on. This will require the use of traffic signals to avoid accidents and damage to any uncured membrane. Please be patient and pay attention to the traffic lights, workers and any signage when entering or leaving the parkade. The entrance ramp will be resurfaced first, then the exit ramp, when the signals will be moved.

When entering the garage, do not block the ramp if you have a red light. When you have a green light, use your garage remote as usual - it will open the door for whichever ramp is in use. When exiting through the resident garage door, make sure your car is over the sensor pad (see 2nd photo) to activate the signal system for your direction. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXIT OR ENTER GARAGE ON RED SIGNAL, AND WATCH FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS.

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