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Your Board of Directors

Mark Dubeau has been on the board of Vantage Pointe since February 2015. He is a portfolio manager involved with performing financial analysis, fundamental research and intensive investing in the public markets. His hobbies include travel, writing, reading and various sports such as skiing and biking.

Darrin Boust has been a resident since 2006, and joined the board in 2017. Renting out his second unit has given him insight into the often contrasting views of resident-owners, landlords, and tenants. He works in the transportation field, having spent 20 years in Canadian Pacific Railway’s national operations room and more recently at The City of Calgary in LRT Operations. He has a passion for travelling and photography, plays tennis and skis, and resets daily by taking long walks with his dog, Peggy.

Jonathan Axford has been a resident owner since 2011, and joined the board the following year. He is a software developer whose hobbies include prop making, Arduino style projects, his vinyl collection, and making use of all the nearby bike paths.

Terry Heinrich is a 5th class power engineer with experience in computer program analytics, and 22 years in the millwrighting industry. The board is thankful for his extensive experience and knowledge of building systems. He has been an owner since the building was completed, and has been on the board since 2011.

Murray Shuturma - Board President

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