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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

We have had an increasing amount of pigeons at Vantage Pointe, causing messes on balconies and sidewalks around the building. The birds usually stay away from busier balconies, but feel right at home on quieter ones. The issue was recently discussed at the last board meeting where the following slideshow was presented and discussed. What option would you choose?

Weighing all the known options, the board voted to first try trapping, as it does not alter the look of the building, impede balcony views, is relatively low-cost compared to netting, and results can be easily proven vs. AVITROL, which may take months to see any difference, if any.

We would encourage owners with frequent visitors to also try the more effective "scare tactics" mentioned in the slideshow. Please note that poisoning birds (even those considered "pests") is illegal as the poison can also affect protected species and predators.

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